Your question: Is English widely spoken in Crete?

The official language spoken in Crete is in fact Greek, but you will find that many locals speak English – they are keen to make you feel at home, so why not do the same? The Greek language is one of the oldest European languages, featuring in written documents from around 3,400 years ago!

Is English spoken widely in Greece?

Although the official language in Greece and Athens is Greek, English is also widely spoken, so you shouldn’t experience any problems when visiting the city. English is very widely spoken in Greece, especially in the most touristy parts of the city.

Can you live in Greece only speaking English?

According to recent stats around half of the Greek population can speak English, which is a decent figure and one of the higher percentages in Europe. You will be perfectly fine using English in Athens and any of the other tourist destinations, though in more remote and rural areas some basic Greek will come in handy.

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Do they speak English in Chania?


The language used in Crete is Greek, although in the cities and tourist areas people have no problem understanding English. Even in small villages you usually have no problem for basic things like shopping or eating. Education is good on the island, and English is taught from the first grade.

What percentage of Greece speaks English?

English is the first foreign language Greek students learn from an early age. Official data released by the Eurobarometer Special Surveys shows that, when it comes to people being able to speak English, Greece reaches 51 percent.

Where do expats live in Greece?

Popular islands for expats living in Greece are: Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Spetses, and Lefkada. Each has a little something of its own to offer. For example, if you’re looking for those idyllic whitewashed, blue-domed buildings, you’ll find those in Oia, on the island of Santorini.

Why do Greek people speak English?

The study Europeans and there Languages goes into great detail on how and why Greeks use the English language and what their views are about it. The reason why approximately one in every two people can speak English in Greece is because they consider the language to be helpful in ones success in life.

Is Crete in the Mediterranean?

Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and the largest of the islands forming part of modern Greece.

Is Greece a good place for expats?

“Greece is a great choice for expats because of its amazing weather, hospitable people, its relatively low cost of living and its location, giving visitors easy access to travel to a wide range of other countries.

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Can you get a job in Greece if you don’t speak Greek?

Yet finding employment can be difficult in Greece if you are not fluent in their official language, so you may want to consider learning Greek before you move. The country has also faced economic hardship in recent years, so their job market is not as prosperous as it once was. However, jobs are still available.

How bad are mosquitoes in Crete?

The mosquitoes in Crete are of different genera than in Central Europe and the first stitch usually causes a violent itching with severe redness. Only after a few weeks the body gets used to these stitches and the effect is then less unpleasant.

Do they speak Greek in Crete?

Cretan Greek is spoken by more than 500,000 people on the island of Crete, as well as in the Greek Diaspora. It is rarely used in written language, and differs much less from Standard Greek than other varieties.

How do you say good morning in Crete?

Kalimera. Kalimera is pronounced Kaleemera and comes from the two words “good” and “day.” It is used to say “good morning.” Proper Cretans swap Ls for Rs, so this sounds Kareemera if you want to sound authentic!

Is Greek a hard language to learn?

Despite the fact that Greek roots are found throughout the English language, Greek is among the hardest languages for English speakers to learn, according to studies conducted by the US Department of State.

Can you wear shorts in Greece?

Shorts. It is acceptable to wear shorts, whether you are a woman or a man. … Also, if you plan to do a walking tour of Athens, ditch the shorts and opt for a dress – if you are a woman – or a pair of long pants – if you are a man. Shorts are acceptable on the beach or when going from the beach to the shops near-by.

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